In Alfapilot we are interested to offer our customers the highest level of security and protect the confidentiality of the information they provide.

Security payment is guaranteed by the payment gateway or virtual tpv provided by BBVA.

The card details are entered in the pages of the Bank and the secure server "BBVA" encrypts the data. in addition to:

  • Multilanguage screens: TPV screen and messages that are generated during the transaction, can be displayed in 14 different languages.
  • Operational DCC (Dynamic Change Currency): If the card you are making the purchase has been issued by a country in a different currency, shows the conversion and offers the possibility of payment in local currency or in euros.
  • Multicurrency: it offers the possibility of making payments in 14 different cards, debit, prepaid and virtual admits accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard-Eurocard, JCB, Diners Club and American Express cards.

If you need help to find the solution or if you have any questions regarding the operation of our shopping system, Contact We will be happy to assist you.